Chief Financial Officer Story

The candidate was a classic green visor number’s man initially. He also had a short fuse and violent temper, and bragged about managing by intimidation. He was relieved of his position during a “reorganization” after slamming his fist into the wall.

We revisited the earlier years of his life and career, and discovered the roots of what he thought was a strength. He had been large for his age and therefore the older bullies picked on him and beat him up often. He learned to be tough to survive.

After almost a year of coaching while conducting a job search, his insights and self-awareness shifted. He ultimately released his old “command and control” approach, and truly came to realize that numbers didn’t really run the business…it was the people…the human assets…if the people didn’t feel good about themselves and their work, or weren’t motivated…the numbers would never be achieved.

What brought about this significant shift in perspective? A combination of experiences. This included a series of assessments designed to increase his level of self-awareness, and awareness of others. Compassion and humility began to emerge, along with a desire to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

He learned this by feeling the pain of loss…of job, self esteem, and the pain his family experienced. He experienced and learned about empathy…being sensitive to others. He said he would never look at numbers in the same way again. He knew, really knew, that people make the numbers, and the more motivated and happy, the better the numbers could be.

He landed a position in a smaller firm as the President, and achieved success through people…through collaboration, not bullying. He broke through an old pattern that was no longer appropriate, and turned a weakness into a strength.